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Toyota Hiace Van Specs and Features

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GenerationFrame TypeWheelFrames
Aug 2004 -
Minivan (2 rows of seats) Right Hand Drive
KDH201K, KDH201V, KDH206K, KDH206V, KDH211K, KDH221K, KDH223B, TRH200K, TRH200V, TRH211K, TRH216K, TRH221K, TRH223B, TRH226K, TRH228B, KDH200K, KDH200V, KDH205V, KDH220K, KDH222B, KDH225K, KDH227B, KDH228B, TRH122K, TRH124B

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Toyota Hiace Van Specs and Features