2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X limited special Specs


With a fuel consumption of 48 mpg US - 57.6 mpg UK - 4.9 L/100km, a weight of 2072 lbs (940 kg), the Daihatsu Tanto 660 X limited special has a 3 cylinder DOHC engine, a Regular gasoline engine KF-VE. This engine KF-VE produces a maximum power of 58.8 PS (58 bhp - 43.2 kW) at 7200 rpm and a maximum torque of 64.7 Nm (47.7 lb.ft - 6.6 kg.m) at 4000 rpm. The engine power is transmitted to the road by the front wheel drive (FF) with a CVT gearbox. For stopping power, the Daihatsu Tanto 660 X limited special braking system includes drum at the rear and disk at the front. Stock tire sizes are 155/65 on 14 inch rims at the rear and 155/65 on 14 inch rims at the front. Chassis details - Daihatsu Tanto 660 X limited special has torsion beam type rear suspension and strut front suspension for road holding and ride confort.

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Period of ProductionDec 2008 -
Drive Wheels - Traction - DrivetrainFF
Transmission Gearbox - Number of SpeedsCVT
Engine Size - Displacement - Engine Capacity658 cm3 or 40.1 cu-in
Frame NameDBA-L375S

Exterior Length339.5 cm or 133.66 inches
Exterior Width147.5 cm or 58.07 inches
Exterior Height175 cm or 68.89 inches
Exterior Size (L x W x H)339.5x147.5x175 cm or 133.66x58.07x68.89 inches
Interior Length216 cm or 85.03 inches
Interior Width135 cm or 53.14 inches
Interior Height135.5 cm or 53.34 inches
Interior Size (L x W x H)216x135x135.5 cm or 85.03x53.14x53.34 inches
Wheelbase249 cm or 98.03 inches
Front Axle Length130 cm or 51.18 inches
Rear Axle Length129.5 cm or 50.98 inches
Ride Height - Ground Clearance16 cm or 6.29 inches
Weight940 kg or 2072 lbs
Num. of Seats4
Num. of Doors5
Minimum Turning Circle - Turning Diameter, m4.5
Fuel Tank Capacity9.5 US gallons
7.9 UK gallons
36 L
Seat Rows2
Front/Rear Axis Length130/129.5 cm or 51.18/50.98 inches

Engine CodeKF-VE
Maximum Power - Output - Horsepower58.8 PS or 58 bhp or 43.2 kW
Maximum Power RPM7200 rpm
Maximum Power Output58.8 PS or 58 bhp or 43 kW @ 7200 rpm
Maximum Torque64.7 Nm or 47.7 lb.ft or 6.6 kg.m
Maximum Torque RPM4000 rpm
Maximum Torque Output65 Nm or 47.7 lb.ft or 6.6 kg.m @ 4000 rpm
Engine Type - Number of Cylinders3 cylinder DOHC
Fuel TypeRegular gasoline
Fuel Consumption (10/15 mode)48 mpg US
57.6 mpg UK
4.9 L/100km
Variable Cylinder Management - VCMNo
Ecological Type2005 emission regulation 85% reduction

Front Brakes - Disc Dimensionsdisk
Rear Brakes - Disс Dimensionsdrum
Front Suspensionstrut
Rear Suspensiontorsion beam type
Front Tyres - Rims Dimensions155/65 R14
Rear Tyres - Rims Dimensions155/65 R14
Aluminium DiskStandart
4WS - Four-Wheel SteeringNo
Variable Gear Ratio Steering - VGS/VGRSNo
Sport-Tuned SuspensionNo
Low Down SuspensionNo

Front SpoilerNo
Rear SpoilerNo
Xenon LampsNo
Front Fog LampsNo
Rear Fog LampsNo
Ultraviolet Glass ProtectionStandart
Roof RailNo
Big SunroofNo
T Bar RoofNo
Roof EquipmentNo
Targa RoofNo
Hard TopNo
Soft Top-
Canvas Topno
Metal Top-
Magnesium WheelsNo
Side Sliding DoorNo
Sliding DoorsNo
Sliding Electric DoorStandart
Sliding Electric DoorsNo
Door Easy CloserStandart
Power Rear DoorNo
Head Lights WasherNo
Privacy GlassStandart
Winter ComplectationOption

Power WindowStandart
Power SteeringStandart
Keyless EnterStandart
Cruise ControlNo
Leather SeatNo
Power Adjustable SeatsNo
Front Seat HeaterNo
Power Ajustable Front SeatNo
Removable SeatsNo
Shifter Positioninstrument panel
Steering Locatonright
Steereing Gear Typerack & pinion type with power assist
Ottoman SeatNo
Front Bench SeatStandart
Full Flat Seats 全高1550mmのセミトールスタイルで登場したマックス。4ドア+テールゲートの5ドアワゴンである。2001年のデビュー。当時の軽デザイントレンドがシンプルモダン方向を向いているのに対し、マックスは派手めのルックスに特徴的なサイドデザインをもつ。特にスポーツラインと呼ばれるRとRSのエアロルックスは大きくフレアした前スポイラーやサイドスカートなど相当気合が入ったものだ。RSとRにはいずれもスポーツチューンドサスをもち、64psの4バルブDOHCターボエンジン+マニュアルモード付きのアクティブシフト4ATを積むが、RSは直4、Rは直3となる。トルクスペックや燃費性能は直3ユニットが勝るが、直4ユニットを積むRSにはトルク感応型スーパーLSD、そのうち4WDモデルには軽自動車初のトルクスプリット型システムをもつサイバー4WDを装備した。カジュアルラインの廉価グレードとマニュアルミッション仕様を除いてすべてインパネシフトを採用しており、インパネ自体のデザインも外観に負けず特徴的だ。
Seat Position MemoryNo
Seat LifterOption
Adjustable 3rd RowNo
Walk Throught-
2nd Row Throught-
2nd Rowseparate folding
3nd Row-
Lagage BoxStandart
Engine Start ButtonStandart
Bucket SeatNo

Drivers AirbagStandart
Passengers AirbagStandart
Side AirbagOption
ABSABS with EBD ( standard )
Break AssistStandart
Parking RadarNo
Curtain AirbagsNo
2 AirbagsOption
Front MonitorNo
Sides MonitorsNo
Back MonitorNo
Active HeadrestNo
Start Stop SystemNo
Run Flat TiresNo
Air SuspensionNo
Brakes Equipment-
Collision Mitigation SystemNo
Night VisionNo
Lane Keep AssistNo
Distance Control SystemNo
Cenral Diff LockNo
Traction ControlNo
Down Hill AssistNo
Isofix BarStandart
Build-in Child SeatNo
Autocorrected MirrorsStandart
Rain SensorNo
Intelligent AFSNo
Alarm SystemStandart
Security AlarmStandart
Road Service-

Air Conditionerautoair conditioning(standard)
Air PurifierNo
Autoreverse CasetteNo
CD PlayerStandart
MD PalyerNo
Navigation System-
Mesomorphic Monitor-
Traffic Jam Assist-
Audio HDDNo
Additional Sound Equipment-
Rear Entertainment SystemNo
AC PlugNo
Stearing Wheel HeaterNo
Rear Seats HeaterNo
Air FilterNo
Antibacterial FilterNo
Оdor AbsorberNo
Intelligent Parking AssistNo
Optional Navigation SystemNo


- Present
- Option
- Not Present (or Dealer Option)

By Brian Wong, Reviewed by: Kurt Niebuhr, Updated on April 15, 2024
πŸ“Œ Introduction
πŸ“Œ Year of Production
πŸ“Œ Model Name
πŸ“Œ Trim Level
πŸ“Œ Engine Specifications
πŸ“Œ Engine Type
πŸ“Œ Fuel Efficiency
πŸ“Œ Fuel Tank Capacity
πŸ“Œ Dimensions and Sizes
πŸ“Œ Wheel Specifications
πŸ“Œ Conclusion
πŸ“Œ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About the Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special


The 2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special, introduced in December 2008, is a compact kei car that captured the essence of efficiency and innovation. As a standout in its class, this model was designed to cater to urban lifestyles and navigate through tight spaces with ease. Its compact size made it a practical choice for crowded city streets while offering a surprising amount of interior space. The Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special, part of the Tanto lineup, showcased its uniqueness through carefully crafted design elements and advanced engineering.

Underneath its modest dimensions, the Tanto 660 X Limited Special hides a 658 cm³ engine, boasting a remarkable power output of 58.8 PS. Its lightweight frame, with a curb weight of 940 kg, complemented the engine's performance, creating an agile and responsive driving experience. The car's FF drivetrain and CVT transmission with multiple speeds contributed to its efficient and smooth operation.

Stepping inside, the Tanto's interior dimensions surprised many. Despite its compact exterior, the cabin offered a comfortable and roomy atmosphere. The interior length measured at 216 cm, providing ample legroom for passengers. The thoughtful layout and arrangement of seats, along with a host of amenities, made every ride a pleasant journey. With four seats distributed across two rows, the Tanto catered to small families or urban commuters, proving its versatility in various scenarios.

Safety features like airbags and ABS with EBD came standard, ensuring a secure drive for both the driver and passengers. The Tanto's exterior design, though modest, carried a unique appeal. It showcased ultraviolet glass protection, further enhancing the comfort of the cabin by keeping harsh sunlight at bay.

In terms of fuel efficiency, the Tanto 660 X Limited Special lived up to its reputation as a practical city car, achieving an impressive fuel consumption of 48 mpg in the 10/15 mode testing. This made it a frugal choice for daily commuting, reducing the need for frequent refueling stops.

Overall, the 2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special emerged as a remarkable urban vehicle, addressing the challenges of city driving with its compact dimensions, efficient engine, and thoughtful interior design. Its blend of practicality and innovation solidified its place in the competitive world of kei cars, offering a glimpse into the future of urban mobility.

Year of Production

The year 2008 marked the debut of the Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special, an innovative addition to the automotive landscape. With its introduction in December of that year, this model reflected a culmination of design, engineering, and technology, showcasing Daihatsu's commitment to producing vehicles that cater to evolving urban needs. As urban environments continued to grow and change, the 2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special arrived as a solution, addressing the challenges of congestion, parking limitations, and efficient mobility.

In this year of production, the automotive industry was witnessing a shift towards more environmentally conscious and compact vehicles. The Tanto 660 X Limited Special aligned with this trend, offering a compact form factor that belied its interior space. As cities became more densely populated, this model's compact size and maneuverability made it an ideal choice for navigating through tight streets and finding parking spots in crowded areas.

The year 2008 also saw a continued emphasis on fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. With its efficient engine and lightweight construction, the Tanto 660 X Limited Special aligned with these priorities. This vehicle was not only a reflection of the technological advancements of the time but also an answer to the increasing demands of urban dwellers for a practical, comfortable, and eco-friendly driving option.

In summary, the year 2008 was a significant time for the automotive industry, and the introduction of the Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special exemplified the industry's response to changing urban landscapes and consumer preferences. This model's release in December of that year marked a step towards more compact, efficient, and forward-thinking mobility solutions, setting the stage for the evolution of urban transportation in the years to come.

Model Name

The "2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special" carries a name that encapsulates its purpose and uniqueness in the automotive market. The "Tanto" moniker, originating from Italian, translates to "so much" or "plenty." This name choice reflects the car's ability to offer more than meets the eye within its compact dimensions. The "660 X Limited Special" part of the name further highlights the model's exclusivity and special features, providing a glimpse into the enhancements and unique elements it brings to the table.

The combination of these elements in the model's name positions it as a noteworthy contender in the realm of urban mobility. "Tanto" signifies its ample interior space and versatility despite its small footprint, catering to various needs within city environments. The "660" in the name points to the engine displacement of 660 cm³, a common specification among kei cars in Japan, which are designed to meet specific size and engine regulations for city driving.

The addition of "X Limited Special" emphasizes that this is not just any Tanto model; it's a limited and special version. The "X" could stand for "exclusive," highlighting its unique features, design elements, or trim options that set it apart from standard models. "Limited Special" suggests that this variant is available in limited quantities and comes with added features or enhancements that contribute to its exclusivity.

In essence, the model name "2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special" encapsulates the essence of this vehicle: a compact, versatile, and exclusive solution for urban mobility. It's a name that speaks to its purpose, design, and uniqueness in a market that demands practicality and innovation.

Trim Level

The "2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special" presents itself as a distinguished trim level within the Tanto lineup, offering a blend of features, design elements, and enhancements that make it stand out. This trim level carries an identity that sets it apart from the standard models, catering to those seeking something beyond the ordinary.

The "660 X Limited Special" trim is designed to provide a unique driving experience that combines comfort, innovation, and exclusivity. With careful attention to detail, this trim level may include special exterior and interior accents, elevating its aesthetic appeal. It could feature distinct alloy wheels, unique color options, and possibly even subtle badging that signifies its limited and special nature.

Inside the cabin, the "660 X Limited Special" trim might offer upgraded materials, finishes, and additional features that enhance the driving and passenger experience. Technological advancements and modern conveniences could be integrated seamlessly to create a refined atmosphere that caters to the demands of urban life.

Furthermore, this trim level could come with advanced safety features that prioritize the well-being of the driver and passengers. From enhanced airbag systems to cutting-edge safety technologies, the "660 X Limited Special" could offer peace of mind on the road.

In essence, the "2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special" trim level is more than just a configuration; it's a statement. It represents the pursuit of excellence and uniqueness within the realm of urban mobility. With carefully curated features and enhancements, this trim offers a driving experience that goes beyond the expected, delivering a blend of style, performance, and exclusivity that appeals to those seeking something truly special.

Engine Specifications

At the heart of the "2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special" lies a meticulously designed engine, epitomizing the harmony between performance and efficiency. This compact yet capable powerplant underlines the model's suitability for urban driving scenarios, where agility and fuel economy are paramount.

The engine's displacement of 658 cm³ reveals the clever engineering that aligns with the kei car category, designed to comply with regulations for compact vehicles in Japan. This efficient engine not only contributes to the car's compact dimensions but also plays a pivotal role in its overall performance.

The "660 X Limited Special" model is powered by the KF-VE engine code, indicating its unique engine variant that supports the demands of city driving. This engine configuration features a three-cylinder DOHC setup, which optimizes power delivery and efficiency through its precise valvetrain operation. With a maximum power output of 58.8 PS and a peak torque of 64.7 Nm, this engine strikes a balance between spirited acceleration and fuel-saving capabilities.

The choice of Regular gasoline as the fuel type underscores the practicality of the Tanto 660 X Limited Special, ensuring easy access to fuel sources while adhering to emission regulations. Furthermore, the presence of an ecological feature aligns with environmentally conscious driving, making this model a responsible choice within the urban landscape.

Incorporating a CVT transmission with a variable number of speeds, the Tanto's engine is efficiently mated to the drivetrain, ensuring seamless power delivery and optimizing fuel efficiency. This engineering choice highlights the model's adaptability to stop-and-go city traffic while maintaining a smooth driving experience.

In essence, the engine specifications of the "2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special" highlight its purpose-built design for urban mobility. With a keen focus on efficiency, power, and environmental responsibility, this engine not only propels the vehicle but also defines its character as a practical and capable city companion.

Engine Type

The "2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special" is propelled by an engine type that exemplifies innovation and efficiency, aligning seamlessly with its purpose as an urban mobility solution. This engine type, known as the KF-VE, signifies a thoughtful approach to design, engineering, and performance.

The KF-VE engine is a testament to the commitment of Daihatsu to create powerplants that balance power output, fuel efficiency, and environmental responsibility. Featuring a three-cylinder configuration and a DOHC (Double Overhead Camshaft) valvetrain, this engine type optimizes combustion efficiency and power delivery. This layout allows for precise control over the intake and exhaust valves, enhancing the engine's overall performance.

As a kei car, the "2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special" requires an engine that complies with regulations governing vehicle dimensions and engine displacement. The KF-VE engine's 658 cm³ displacement aligns perfectly with these regulations, demonstrating Daihatsu's ability to create compact yet powerful powerplants that suit the demands of urban driving.

Moreover, the engine type's power output of 58.8 PS underscores its role in delivering an agile and responsive driving experience. The lightweight construction of the engine contributes to the car's overall efficiency and performance, making it an ideal choice for city navigation.

The DOHC design of the KF-VE engine type ensures efficient airflow and combustion, resulting in better power delivery and reduced emissions. This reflects Daihatsu's commitment to producing environmentally friendly vehicles that meet stringent emissions standards while offering a satisfying driving experience.

In essence, the engine type of the "2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special" encapsulates the marriage of innovation and efficiency. The KF-VE engine's design, coupled with its compact size and power characteristics, defines the vehicle's capability and suitability for urban environments. It's a testament to Daihatsu's ability to create engines that complement the demands of modern urban mobility.

Fuel Efficiency

The "2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special" shines in the realm of fuel efficiency, making it a practical choice for urban dwellers seeking to minimize their environmental impact while maximizing their driving experience. As cities continue to grapple with congestion and environmental concerns, this model's fuel efficiency becomes a pivotal feature that aligns with the demands of modern urban living.

With a focus on efficiency, the Tanto 660 X Limited Special achieves an impressive fuel consumption rate. Its advanced engineering and lightweight construction contribute to its ability to cover more miles with less fuel, making it a cost-effective and eco-conscious choice. The inclusion of a CVT transmission further optimizes fuel usage by allowing the engine to operate at its most efficient RPM range.

The model's fuel consumption of 48 mpg in the 10/15 mode testing showcases its ability to navigate city streets and highways with minimal fuel consumption. This exceptional fuel economy extends the distance between trips to the gas station, a convenience that aligns perfectly with the fast-paced nature of urban living.

Additionally, the choice of Regular gasoline as the fuel type reflects the Tanto's accessibility and affordability in terms of refueling. This practical decision ensures that drivers can easily find fuel sources without compromising performance or efficiency.

In conclusion, the "2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special" excels in fuel efficiency, making it an exceptional choice for those who prioritize cost savings and environmental responsibility. Its ability to traverse urban landscapes with minimal fuel consumption showcases its dedication to providing a smart and eco-friendly solution for the challenges of modern city driving.

Fuel Tank Capacity

The "2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special" incorporates a thoughtfully sized fuel tank that aligns with its compact dimensions and efficient nature. The fuel tank capacity of this model plays a vital role in extending its range and minimizing the need for frequent refueling stops, making it an ideal choice for navigating urban landscapes.

With a fuel tank capacity of 9.5 US gallons or 7.9 UK gallons (36 liters), the Tanto 660 X Limited Special strikes a balance between offering a sufficient fuel reserve while keeping its overall weight and size manageable. This capacity ensures that drivers can cover considerable distances on a single tank of fuel, reducing interruptions during their daily commutes or city explorations.

The careful calibration of the fuel tank capacity underscores the Tanto's purpose as a city-friendly vehicle, adept at maneuvering through traffic and tight spaces. It also aligns with the model's commitment to fuel efficiency, as a larger fuel tank might compromise the vehicle's lightweight construction and efficiency.

In summary, the "2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special" boasts a fuel tank capacity that complements its role as an efficient urban companion. Its size strikes a balance between range and efficiency, allowing drivers to navigate city streets with confidence, knowing they have a sufficient fuel reserve to keep their journeys uninterrupted and convenient.

Dimensions and Sizes

The "2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special" showcases a compact yet cleverly designed exterior that maximizes interior space without compromising on maneuverability. Its dimensions and sizes are carefully tailored to navigate city streets while offering a surprisingly roomy interior.

Measuring at approximately 339.5 cm in length, 147.5 cm in width, and 175 cm in height, the Tanto strikes a balance between a compact footprint and a comfortable interior. These exterior dimensions allow the vehicle to seamlessly weave through traffic and fit into tight parking spaces, while its height offers a commanding view of the road ahead.

The interior dimensions mirror the exterior's intelligent design. With an interior length of 216 cm, width of 135 cm, and height of 135.5 cm, the cabin manages to provide ample room for passengers within its compact frame. This thoughtful layout ensures that occupants enjoy a comfortable and spacious environment, even in urban driving scenarios.

Furthermore, the wheelbase measures around 249 cm, contributing to the vehicle's stability and smooth handling. The front and rear axle lengths, at approximately 130 cm and 129.5 cm respectively, play a role in defining the Tanto's agility and responsiveness on the road.

The ride height, at 16 cm, strikes a balance between ground clearance and stability, allowing the Tanto to traverse uneven city roads with ease. Additionally, the model's weight of 940 kg complements its compact dimensions, contributing to its overall efficiency and maneuverability.

In essence, the "2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special" exemplifies intelligent design in its dimensions and sizes. From its exterior measurements that cater to urban challenges to its interior space that ensures comfort, this vehicle strikes a harmonious balance between form and function.

Wheel Specifications

The "2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special" features wheel specifications that align with its urban-oriented design, contributing to its nimble handling and overall driving experience. These specifications are carefully chosen to balance aesthetics, performance, and practicality within the context of city driving.

The Tanto is equipped with compact and efficient wheels that are designed to navigate through crowded streets while maintaining stability and control. The front and rear tires are sized at 155/65 R14, a choice that offers a good compromise between comfort and responsiveness. The 14-inch wheel diameter allows for optimal contact with the road, contributing to the vehicle's handling characteristics.

These wheels are not just functional; they also contribute to the model's aesthetic appeal. The design of the wheels complements the Tanto's overall exterior look, showcasing a balance between style and functionality. Additionally, the inclusion of aluminum disks as a standard feature enhances the model's lightweight construction, which plays a pivotal role in its overall efficiency.

The "2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special" further exemplifies practicality with its choice of wheel specifications. The size and design of the wheels enhance the vehicle's ability to navigate urban environments while offering a comfortable and confident driving experience. These specifications highlight the car's commitment to delivering a well-rounded and optimized urban mobility solution.


In conclusion, the "2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special" emerges as a purposeful and distinctive offering within the realm of urban mobility. With a keen focus on efficiency, versatility, and practicality, this model addresses the demands of city living with finesse and innovation.

From its compact exterior dimensions to its carefully designed interior space, the Tanto showcases a commitment to optimizing every aspect of urban driving. The trim level's unique features and enhancements set it apart as a limited and special variant, catering to those seeking a vehicle that goes beyond the ordinary.

The engine specifications and type reflect Daihatsu's dedication to crafting powerplants that deliver a balance of power and efficiency. The KF-VE engine's compact size and performance characteristics complement the Tanto's role as a city-friendly vehicle that excels in maneuverability and responsiveness.

The fuel efficiency and fuel tank capacity contribute to the Tanto's reputation as a smart and eco-conscious choice for urban commuting. These features align with the growing emphasis on sustainability and responsible driving practices.

The wheel specifications, dimensions, and sizes further underline the Tanto's adaptability to city environments. With its lightweight construction, efficient wheels, and agile handling, the Tanto proves its ability to navigate through congested streets and tight parking spaces with ease.

In essence, the "2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special" is a testament to Daihatsu's ability to create a vehicle that harmoniously merges efficiency, innovation, and practicality. It stands as a compelling option for urban dwellers who seek a vehicle that seamlessly integrates into their fast-paced lives while offering a distinctive and enjoyable driving experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About the 2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special

What is the "2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special"?

The "2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special" is a compact urban vehicle designed for efficient city driving.

What are the key features of the "2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special"?

This model boasts a fuel-efficient engine, compact dimensions, innovative design, and special trim level enhancements.

What engine powers the "2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special"?

The "2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special" is powered by the KF-VE engine, a three-cylinder DOHC engine designed for urban efficiency.

How does the fuel efficiency of the "2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special" compare?

The model offers impressive fuel efficiency, with a fuel consumption of 48 mpg in city driving conditions.

What are the dimensions of the "2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special"?

The Tanto's dimensions include a length of approximately 339.5 cm, a width of 147.5 cm, and a height of 175 cm.

How does the Tanto handle in urban environments?

The compact dimensions and agile design of the Tanto make it adept at maneuvering through city streets and tight parking spaces.

Is the "2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special" suitable for families?

The Tanto offers a seating capacity for four passengers and has two seat rows, making it a practical choice for small families.

What sets the "2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special" apart from other models?

The "660 X Limited Special" trim level features unique enhancements that elevate it from the standard Tanto models.

Can you tell me more about the engine's power output?

The KF-VE engine delivers a maximum power output of 58.8 PS, providing ample power for urban driving scenarios.

What kind of transmission does the Tanto use?

The Tanto is equipped with a CVT transmission that optimizes power delivery and fuel efficiency.

Is the Tanto designed with safety features in mind?

Yes, the Tanto comes with standard safety features such as driver and passenger airbags, ABS with EBD, and more.

How does the "2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special" handle different road conditions?

The Tanto's suspension system, including the front strut and rear torsion beam type, ensures a comfortable ride even on urban roads.

What's the fuel tank capacity of the "2008 Daihatsu Tanto 660 X Limited Special"?

The model comes with a fuel tank capacity of 9.5 US gallons (36 liters), allowing for extended city journeys.

Can you explain the significance of the "Limited Special" trim level?

The "Limited Special" trim level includes unique features and enhancements that set it apart, making it a more exclusive choice.

Is the Tanto's engine environmentally friendly?

Yes, the Tanto adheres to emission regulations and features an ecological type to minimize its impact on the environment.

How does the Tanto handle with its compact dimensions?

The Tanto's compact dimensions, including a wheelbase of 249 cm, contribute to its agility and ease of handling in urban settings.

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