2000 Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G aero Sport version Specs


With a fuel consumption of 20.2 mpg US - 24.3 mpg UK - 11.6 L/100km, a weight of 4563 lbs (2070 kg), the Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G aero Sport version has a water cooling 4 cylinder OHC turbo engine, a Light oil engine 1KZ-TE. This engine 1KZ-TE produces a maximum power of 141.9 PS (140 bhp - 104.3 kW) at 3600 rpm and a maximum torque of 343.2 Nm (253.1 lb.ft - 35 kg.m) at 2000 rpm. The engine power is transmitted to the road by the four wheel drive (4WD) with a 4AT gearbox. For stopping power, the Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G aero Sport version braking system includes Ventilated disk at the rear and Ventilated disk at the front. Stock tire sizes are 215/70 on 15 inch rims 98S at the rear and 215/70 on 15 inch rims 98S at the front. Chassis details - Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G aero Sport version has semitrailing arm type rear suspension and double wishbone front suspension for road holding and ride confort.

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Complectation Name3.0DT G aero Sport version
Period of ProductionApr 2000 - May 2002
Drive Wheels - Traction - Drivetrain4WD
Body TypeMinivan (3 row seats)
Transmission Gearbox - Number of Speeds4AT
Engine Size - Displacement - Engine Capacity2982 cm3 or 181.9 cu-in
Frame NameKH-KCH16W
Price of New Car in Tokyo, Yen3500000

Exterior Length484 cm or 190.55 inches
Exterior Width183.5 cm or 72.24 inches
Exterior Height199.5 cm or 78.54 inches
Interior Length289 cm or 113.77 inches
Interior Width163.5 cm or 64.37 inches
Interior Height137.5 cm or 54.13 inches
Wheelbase298.5 cm or 117.51 inches
Front Axle Length155 cm or 61.02 inches
Rear Axle Length154 cm or 60.62 inches
Ride Height - Ground Clearance17.5 cm or 6.88 inches
Weight2070 kg or 4563 lbs
Num. of Seats8
Num. of Doors4
Minimum Turning Circle - Turning Diameter, m6.3
Fuel Tank Capacity19.8 US gallons
16.4 UK gallons
75 L

Engine Code1KZ-TE
Maximum Power - Output - Horsepower141.9 PS or 140 bhp or 104.3 kW
Maximum Power RPM3600 rpm
Maximum Torque343.2 Nm or 253.1 lb.ft or 35 kg.m
Maximum Torque RPM2000 rpm
Engine Type - Number of Cylinderswater cooling 4 cylinder OHC turbo
Engine Additional InfoCharger
Fuel TypeLight oil
Fuel Consumption (10/15 mode)20.2 mpg US
24.3 mpg UK
11.6 L/100km
1st Gear Ratio2.804
2nd Gear Ratio1.531
3rd Gear Ratio1
4th Fear Ratio0.753
Rear Gear Ratio2.393
Compression Ratio21
Bore9.6 cm or 3.77 inches
Stroke10.3 cm or 4.05 inches

Front Brakes - Disc DimensionsVentilated disk
Rear Brakes - Disс DimensionsVentilated disk
Front Suspensiondouble wishbone
Rear Suspensionsemitrailing arm type
Front Tyres - Rims Dimensions215/70 R15 98S
Rear Tyres - Rims Dimensions215/70 R15 98S
Tyres - Rims Dimensions215 / 70 R15 98S
Aluminium DiskStandart

Tilt SunroofNo
Twin SunroofOption
Front SpoilerStandart
Rear SpoilerStandart
Power Adjustable Door MirrorsStandart
Xenon LampsNo
Front Fog LampsStandart
Rear Fog LampsOption
Cornering LampsNo
Ultraviolet Glass ProtectionStandart
Roof RailNo
Back WiperStandart

Power WindowStandart
Power SteeringStandart
Centralized Door LockStandart
Keyless EnterStandart
Right Hand DriveStandart
Left Hand DriveNo
Leather WindingNo
Adjustable SteeringStandart
Telescopic SteeringNo
Tilt SteeringStandart
Wood PanelNo
Cruise ControlNo
Leather SeatNo
Power Adjustable SeatsNo
Power Ajustable Front SeatNo
Power Ajustable Back SeatNo
Reclining SeatsStandart
Removable SeatsNo
Turning SeatsStandart

Drivers AirbagStandart
Passengers AirbagStandart
Side AirbagNo
Side Impact BarStandart
Break AssistNo
Parking RadarNo
Central Power Window ControlStandart
Additional Stop LightStandart
Safety Belt PretensionerStandart
Safety Belt LimiterStandart
3 Point Safety BeltStandart
Child Car RestraintsStandart
Durable FrameStandart

Automatic Air ConditioningStandart
Twin Conditioning SystemStandart
Air PurifierNo
Autoreverse CasetteNo
CD PlayerNo
CD ChangerNo
MD PalyerNo
MD ChangerNo

Front StabilizerStandart
Rear StablilizerStandart
Special EquipmentNo

- Present
- Option
- Not Present (or Dealer Option)

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By Brian Wong, Reviewed by: Kurt Niebuhr, Updated on November 29, 2023
πŸ“Œ Introduction
πŸ“Œ Model Years
πŸ“Œ Generations
πŸ“Œ Trim Levels
πŸ“Œ Engine Specifications
πŸ“Œ Engine Performance
πŸ“Œ Dimensions and Sizes
πŸ“Œ Fuel Tank Capacity
πŸ“Œ Fuel Consumption
πŸ“Œ Fuel Efficiency (MPG)
πŸ“Œ Wheel Options
πŸ“Œ Interior Features
πŸ“Œ Exterior Styling
πŸ“Œ Conclusion


The 2000-2002 Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version represents a distinctive blend of functionality and style within the minivan segment. This period witnessed Toyota's commitment to delivering a versatile vehicle that catered to a range of needs. With its production spanning from April 2000 to May 2002, the Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version holds its place as a sought-after model.

The Granvia's allure stems not only from its model years but also from its well-crafted details and thoughtful design. This iteration is designed with four-wheel drive (4WD) capability, promising enhanced traction and control across various terrains. As a minivan with three rows of seats, the Granvia ensures spaciousness and comfort for up to eight passengers.

Underneath the hood lies a 2982 cm3 engine, boasting notable power and efficiency. The 1KZ-TE engine, known for its prowess, is accompanied by a 4-speed automatic transmission gearbox. This combination guarantees a satisfying driving experience, both in terms of power delivery and smooth shifts.

One of the distinguishing features of the Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version is its precise attention to dimensions. With exterior measurements that include an overall length of 484 cm, width of 183.5 cm, and height of 199.5 cm, the Granvia strikes an impressive presence on the road. Its interior dimensions, including length, width, and height, complement the exterior, ensuring ample room for passengers and cargo alike.

Safety and convenience also find their place in the Granvia's features. The inclusion of front and rear spoilers, power-adjustable door mirrors, and fog lamps indicates Toyota's commitment to style and functionality. Inside, standard amenities such as power windows, power steering, and centralized door locking make each journey comfortable and enjoyable.

As the 2000s ushered in an era of technological advancements, the Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version embodies Toyota's forward-thinking approach. While not necessarily equipped with the latest infotainment systems, the Granvia offered a range of features that catered to both driver and passenger needs.

In essence, the 2000-2002 Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version stands as a testament to Toyota's ability to blend performance, style, and practicality. As we delve into its specifications, dimensions, and features, a comprehensive understanding of this model's essence emerges, revealing a vehicle that's both timeless and purposeful.

Model Years

The "2000-2002 Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version" encapsulates a brief yet significant chapter in the Granvia's lineage. Spanning from April 2000 to May 2002, this particular iteration represents Toyota's endeavor to infuse its minivan offering with sporty dynamics and refined features.

During these years, Toyota's focus on combining performance with versatility became evident in the Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version. This period marked Toyota's commitment to enhancing the driving experience by introducing sportier elements to the model's aesthetics and mechanics.

From the exterior to the interior, the design of the Granvia evolved in response to the changing preferences of the era. The introduction of the Aero Sport version brought a touch of dynamism to the vehicle's appearance. The inclusion of spoilers, distinctive wheel options, and other exterior details aimed to infuse the Granvia with a sportier identity.

While the base concept of the Granvia remained intact, these model years introduced subtle changes that resonated with enthusiasts seeking a combination of practicality and flair. The 2000-2002 Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version became a manifestation of Toyota's desire to cater to diverse tastes while retaining the Granvia's reputation for reliability and comfort.

As the automotive landscape continued to evolve, these years provided a snapshot of Toyota's response to shifting consumer preferences. The 2000-2002 Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version serves as a reminder of Toyota's willingness to adapt, experiment, and innovate within the confines of a beloved and established model.


The "2000-2002 Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version" stands as a representative of a specific phase within the Granvia's lineage. While the concept of generations can sometimes denote sweeping changes, these years signify a continuation of the Granvia's core attributes, coupled with refinements that aligned with the evolving automotive landscape.

This era was marked by Toyota's commitment to enhancing the Granvia's appeal by introducing the Aero Sport version. While not necessarily constituting an entirely new generation, this addition brought a sense of sportiness to the Granvia's design and performance. This nuanced evolution enabled Toyota to address changing tastes without losing sight of the attributes that defined the Granvia.

During these years, the Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version held its position as a reliable and spacious minivan that catered to families and individuals seeking a blend of comfort and style. While certain design elements and features received updates, the fundamental essence of the Granvia remained consistent across these model years.

Toyota's decision to introduce the Aero Sport version during this period signaled the company's ability to respond to trends without abandoning the Granvia's established identity. This adaptive approach allowed Toyota to capture the interest of a broader range of consumers, all while maintaining the Granvia's reputation for durability and versatility.

In essence, the 2000-2002 Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version represents a phase within the Granvia's journey that saw the incorporation of sportier elements while preserving the core characteristics that have made the Granvia a staple in the minivan segment. This nuanced evolution, characterized by selective enhancements, reflects Toyota's strategic approach to satisfying evolving customer preferences.

Trim Levels

The "2000-2002 Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version" offered a distinctive set of trim levels designed to cater to varying preferences and priorities. These trim levels were tailored to complement the Granvia's overall appeal while providing options for individuals seeking specific features and aesthetics.

During this period, the Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version was offered primarily with a focus on enhancing its sporty characteristics. The trim levels available reflected this direction by introducing sporty exterior elements and interior details that accentuated the vehicle's dynamic persona. These trim levels aimed to cater to drivers who valued a more spirited driving experience without compromising on comfort and versatility.

The inclusion of the Aero Sport version as a distinct trim level underscored Toyota's intention to create a unique identity within the Granvia lineup. With sportier exterior styling, distinctive wheel options, and possibly additional interior refinements, the Aero Sport trim level aimed to resonate with consumers seeking a blend of style and performance.

In summary, the trim levels of the 2000-2002 Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version were crafted to offer a range of choices, each catering to specific preferences within the broader spectrum of the Granvia's appeal. Whether one favored a more dynamic appearance or desired a comprehensive set of features, the available trim levels reflected Toyota's commitment to providing tailored options to potential buyers.

Engine Specifications

At the heart of the "2000-2002 Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version" lies a meticulously engineered powertrain that emphasizes both performance and efficiency. This era witnessed Toyota's commitment to delivering an optimal balance between power delivery, fuel economy, and overall driving dynamics.

The Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version was equipped with the 1KZ-TE engine, a 2982 cm3 powerhouse known for its reliability and performance. This water-cooled 4-cylinder engine was turbocharged and featured an intercooler, enhancing its output capabilities. The engine's code name, 1KZ-TE, encapsulated its technological specifications and contributions to the Granvia's performance.

With a maximum power output of 141.9 PS (approximately 140 bhp) and a peak torque of 343.2 Nm (approximately 253.1 lb.ft), the 1KZ-TE engine ensured robust acceleration and ample pulling power across various driving scenarios. This engine's dynamic attributes were achieved by optimizing its compression ratio, bore, and stroke dimensions, allowing for efficient combustion and power delivery.

Paired with a 4-speed automatic transmission gearbox, the Granvia's powertrain promised smooth gear changes and seamless transitions between speeds. The gear ratios were finely tuned to strike a balance between acceleration and fuel efficiency, aligning with the vehicle's multifaceted nature.

As fuel efficiency continued to be a priority for drivers, the Granvia's 1KZ-TE engine excelled in this regard as well. With a fuel consumption rating of 20.2 mpg in the US, or 24.3 mpg in the UK, or approximately 11.6 L/100km in the 10/15 mode, the Granvia managed to deliver a respectable fuel economy figure for its segment.

In summary, the 2000-2002 Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version's engine specifications were a harmonious fusion of power and efficiency. The 1KZ-TE engine's technology, paired with a well-matched automatic transmission, provided the Granvia with the means to deliver a compelling driving experience that catered to both performance enthusiasts and those mindful of fuel consumption.

Engine Performance

The "2000-2002 Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version" distinguished itself through a dynamic engine that fueled both spirited driving and practical functionality. The marriage of power and performance found its embodiment in the Granvia's engine, translating into an engaging driving experience that met a range of requirements.

At the core of this performance-oriented iteration was the 1KZ-TE engine, a 2982 cm3 powerhouse designed to deliver responsive acceleration and commendable torque delivery. With a maximum power output of 141.9 PS (approximately 140 bhp) and a peak torque of 343.2 Nm (approximately 253.1 lb.ft), the 1KZ-TE engine ensured that the Granvia was poised to handle both urban and highway driving scenarios with confidence.

The engine's intercooled turbocharged setup contributed to its performance by optimizing air intake and combustion. This technology allowed the Granvia to produce power efficiently while maintaining a balanced fuel economy. The turbocharging mechanism, combined with the engine's finely tuned compression ratio and other design considerations, showcased Toyota's commitment to engineering an engine that met the demands of diverse driving conditions.

The 1KZ-TE engine's power delivery was complemented by a 4-speed automatic transmission gearbox that allowed for seamless gear changes and smooth acceleration. The gear ratios were calibrated to balance acceleration and fuel efficiency, ensuring that the Granvia could perform admirably while still providing competitive fuel consumption figures.

In essence, the engine performance of the 2000-2002 Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version merged the realms of power and practicality. With its ability to accelerate confidently and maintain efficiency, the Granvia's engine showcased Toyota's commitment to engineering excellence that catered to drivers seeking both performance and everyday usability.

Dimensions and Sizes

The "2000-2002 Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version" presents dimensions and sizes that not only contribute to its commanding road presence but also provide ample interior space for occupants and cargo alike. Toyota's careful consideration of these measurements reflects their dedication to delivering a well-balanced and functional vehicle.

With an exterior length of 484 cm, the Granvia exudes a sense of grandeur while still remaining maneuverable. The width of 183.5 cm ensures that the vehicle maintains a substantial stance without compromising on urban drivability. The exterior height of 199.5 cm not only adds to the Granvia's road presence but also offers generous headroom for passengers.

Stepping inside, the interior dimensions further highlight the Granvia's commitment to spaciousness. With an interior length of 289 cm, occupants have room to stretch out comfortably. The width of 163.5 cm provides ample space for passengers to sit side by side without feeling cramped. Additionally, the interior height of 137.5 cm ensures that even taller individuals can enjoy a comfortable seating position.

The vehicle's wheelbase of 298.5 cm contributes to its stable handling and smooth ride quality. This extended wheelbase also facilitates the distribution of weight, enhancing the Granvia's overall dynamics. The front and rear axle lengths of 155 cm and 154 cm, respectively, further contribute to the vehicle's well-balanced proportions.

One notable dimension is the Granvia's ride height or ground clearance, measuring at 17.5 cm. This measurement strikes a balance between offering sufficient clearance for various terrains while maintaining a lower center of gravity for improved stability.

In terms of practicality, the Granvia's eight-passenger capacity and four doors ensure that it can accommodate both family and group travel. The minimum turning circle of 6.3 meters enhances its maneuverability in urban environments, making parking and tight turns easier.

Ultimately, the dimensions and sizes of the 2000-2002 Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version underscore Toyota's commitment to crafting a vehicle that boasts a harmonious blend of interior space, exterior presence, and maneuverability, catering to a wide range of driving needs and preferences.

Fuel Tank Capacity

The "2000-2002 Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version" addresses one of the most critical aspects of long journeys and daily commutes: fuel tank capacity. Toyota's thoughtful consideration of this factor reflects their understanding of drivers' needs for extended trips without frequent refueling stops.

The Granvia boasts a fuel tank capacity of 19.8 US gallons (approximately 16.4 UK gallons or 75 liters). This ample capacity translates to an extended driving range, allowing drivers to cover more ground before needing to visit the fuel pump. Whether embarking on cross-country adventures or simply navigating daily routines, the Granvia's generous fuel tank capacity ensures that the journey is uninterrupted and convenient.

The combination of the 1KZ-TE engine's fuel efficiency and the substantial fuel tank capacity contributes to the Granvia's reputation as a practical and versatile vehicle. Drivers can expect fewer stops for refueling, allowing them to focus more on the road ahead and the destinations they aim to reach.

In essence, the fuel tank capacity of the 2000-2002 Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version exemplifies Toyota's commitment to providing drivers with a vehicle that can accommodate their travel needs without compromising on convenience and efficiency.

Fuel Consumption

The "2000-2002 Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version" addresses the importance of fuel efficiency through its carefully engineered design and powertrain. Toyota's commitment to optimizing fuel consumption aligns with drivers' aspirations for economical and sustainable driving experiences.

With a 1KZ-TE engine under the hood, the Granvia demonstrates a balance between performance and fuel economy. The combination of a well-calibrated engine, turbocharging technology, and other design considerations allows the Granvia to achieve a fuel consumption rating of 20.2 mpg in the US, 24.3 mpg in the UK, or approximately 11.6 L/100km in the 10/15 mode.

These figures underscore the Granvia's capacity to cover distances with a focus on conserving fuel. Whether on city streets or highways, the Granvia's fuel efficiency contributes to reduced emissions and a lighter environmental footprint, in addition to offering financial savings for the driver.

The engine's power output and torque delivery are harmonized with fuel efficiency, ensuring that drivers can enjoy the Granvia's performance while benefiting from fewer stops at the fuel pump. This balance reflects Toyota's dedication to providing drivers with a vehicle that is both dynamic and considerate of their budget and environmental concerns.

In summary, the fuel consumption of the 2000-2002 Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version exemplifies Toyota's commitment to engineering vehicles that prioritize both performance and efficiency. The synergy between the 1KZ-TE engine's technology and the vehicle's overall design results in a driving experience that's not only enjoyable but also resource-conscious.

Fuel Efficiency (MPG)

The "2000-2002 Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version" embodies a commitment to fuel efficiency, aligning with drivers' aspirations for economical and environmentally conscious travel. Toyota's engineering prowess is showcased through the vehicle's performance in miles per gallon (MPG), reflecting a harmonious blend of power and conservation.

The Granvia's 1KZ-TE engine, coupled with a refined design, delivers fuel efficiency that aligns with drivers' needs for both urban commuting and longer journeys. With a fuel consumption rating of 20.2 mpg in the US or 24.3 mpg in the UK, the Granvia demonstrates its capability to cover significant distances while consuming fuel responsibly.

These MPG figures underscore the Granvia's capacity to provide a sustainable driving experience without compromising on power and performance. Toyota's commitment to optimizing fuel efficiency ensures that drivers can navigate various terrains and road conditions with the knowledge that they are minimizing their impact on the environment.

The 2000-2002 Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version's fuel efficiency is a testament to Toyota's dedication to engineering excellence. By fine-tuning the engine's technology, gear ratios, and overall design, Toyota has created a vehicle that caters to drivers seeking an enjoyable driving experience that's also conscious of their budget and environmental values.

Wheel Options

The "2000-2002 Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version" provides an array of wheel options that complement the vehicle's aesthetics and performance. Toyota's attention to wheel design reflects their commitment to offering drivers personalized choices that align with their preferences for style and functionality.

These model years witnessed the Granvia embracing sportier elements, and the wheel options available were designed to accentuate this dynamic persona. Whether through alloy or steel wheels, the Granvia's wheel choices were carefully crafted to enhance its road presence while ensuring a comfortable and controlled ride.

Wheel sizes and designs may have varied, catering to different tastes and driving preferences. The chosen wheels not only contribute to the Granvia's visual appeal but also play a role in optimizing its handling characteristics. The right wheel choice can enhance grip and stability, offering drivers a confident and responsive driving experience.

In essence, the 2000-2002 Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version's wheel options underscore Toyota's endeavor to provide drivers with a personalized touch that extends beyond the vehicle's body. By offering a variety of wheel choices, Toyota ensures that drivers can match their Granvia to their unique style and enhance their driving enjoyment.

Interior Features

The "2000-2002 Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version" offers a range of interior features designed to elevate comfort, convenience, and driver engagement. Toyota's meticulous attention to the interior ensures that occupants are surrounded by amenities that cater to both short commutes and long journeys.

Power windows and power steering are standard features, contributing to the Granvia's user-friendly experience. The inclusion of a tachometer allows drivers to monitor the engine's performance, aiding in maintaining efficient driving habits. Centralized door locking ensures security and convenience, while keyless entry simplifies entry and exit.

The Granvia's interior design caters to both driver and passengers. The inclusion of adjustable steering and reclining seats allows for customized comfort, ensuring that each occupant finds their ideal seating position. With a focus on practicality, the Granvia's interior features ensure that driving becomes a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Safety features are also a priority within the Granvia's interior. Drivers and passengers benefit from the standard inclusion of safety belts, airbags, and side impact bars. These features underscore Toyota's commitment to protecting occupants in the event of a collision, prioritizing safety alongside comfort.

As the automotive landscape evolved, the Granvia's interior was designed to align with changing preferences and needs. While infotainment systems may not have been as advanced as today's models, the interior features of the 2000-2002 Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version emphasized practicality, comfort, and a driver-centric experience.

In essence, the interior features of the Granvia reflect Toyota's dedication to delivering a well-rounded driving experience. Through a blend of comfort, convenience, and safety, the Granvia's interior ensures that occupants can embark on journeys with peace of mind and a focus on enjoying the road ahead.

Exterior Styling

The "2000-2002 Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version" makes a distinct visual statement through its carefully crafted exterior styling. Toyota's attention to design details ensures that the Granvia stands out on the road while exuding a sense of sportiness and sophistication.

The exterior of the Granvia reflects an evolution from its predecessors, with the introduction of the Aero Sport version adding a touch of dynamism. The inclusion of front and rear spoilers contributes to the Granvia's sporty appearance, enhancing its aerodynamic profile and hinting at its performance capabilities.

The standard rear spoiler adds a sporty edge while also contributing to aerodynamic efficiency. Power-adjustable door mirrors offer convenience and utility, allowing drivers to adapt their mirrors to their specific needs. Front fog lamps provide enhanced visibility in challenging weather conditions, ensuring safer driving for occupants.

The Granvia's exterior styling is a blend of practicality and aesthetics. The inclusion of elements such as the rear fog lamps and ultraviolet glass protection reflects Toyota's commitment to driver and passenger safety. These details, while subtle, contribute to the Granvia's overall design language.

Toyota's focus on the Granvia's exterior styling extended beyond functionality, aiming to create a vehicle that appeals to drivers seeking a combination of performance and visual flair. Through careful attention to details such as spoilers, lamps, and glass protection, Toyota succeeded in creating an exterior that aligns with the Granvia's dynamic character.

In summary, the exterior styling of the 2000-2002 Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version showcases Toyota's ability to infuse sportiness and practicality into the vehicle's design. With elements that contribute to both aesthetics and performance, the Granvia's exterior reflects Toyota's dedication to delivering a well-rounded and visually appealing driving experience.


In the span of 2000 to 2002, the "Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version" encapsulated a phase of dynamic evolution within Toyota's lineup. This iteration of the Granvia went beyond being a mere vehicle; it represented a harmonious fusion of performance, comfort, and practicality, tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern drivers.

Through meticulous engineering and thoughtful design, Toyota introduced an Aero Sport version that added a touch of sportiness to the Granvia's DNA. This choice reflected Toyota's ability to adapt to changing trends while staying true to the Granvia's core attributes. The inclusion of exterior elements like spoilers and practical features like power-adjustable door mirrors showcased a commitment to both style and functionality.

Underneath the hood, the Granvia boasted the 1KZ-TE engine, an engineering marvel that embodied power and efficiency. The turbocharged engine's dynamic performance was balanced by fuel efficiency, contributing to a well-rounded driving experience. The meticulously crafted gear ratios of the automatic transmission ensured smooth acceleration and optimal fuel economy.

Inside the Granvia's spacious cabin, occupants were treated to a thoughtful array of features aimed at enhancing comfort and convenience. Adjustable steering, reclining seats, and safety features like airbags ensured that every journey was secure and tailored to individual preferences. Toyota's attention to interior design reflected a commitment to delivering an enjoyable driving experience.

As a whole, the 2000-2002 Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version stood as a testament to Toyota's ability to create vehicles that resonate with a wide range of drivers. The blend of sporty aesthetics, dynamic performance, and practical features ensured that the Granvia catered to both driving enthusiasts and those seeking reliable transportation.

In essence, the "Toyota Granvia 3.0DT G Aero Sport version" from 2000 to 2002 marked a chapter in the Granvia's story where evolution met innovation. It encapsulated Toyota's ability to listen to the desires of drivers and translate those desires into a vehicle that delivered on multiple fronts. With a commitment to style, performance, comfort, and practicality, the Granvia left an enduring mark on the automotive landscape of its time.

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